November 3rd, 2004


A vote uncast is your own damn fault

The general consensus on my friends list is "What's wrong with Ohio?"

A quote heard this morning on the way to work was, "What the fuck's wrong with this state?"

The last actual vote was cast in Ohio at 4:51 AM today, Wed., Nov. 3, 2004. There were not enough voting machines in the poorer precincts, and I suspect that had a real effect on the voting. I would like to point out, though, that it's their own damn fault for leaving, if they did.

Issue 1, which bans anything that might "approximate" marriage, has passed. Fine, whatever. If the people want to destroy our reeling economy and break the bank, and endanger their own rights to boot, the people have the right to do so.

If Ohioans really want Bush that bad, they can have him. Honestly, there's nothing more that we can do at this point. The people, like it or not, have chosen their next president.

Those people outside the US, wish us luck. We have just given the popular mandate to Bush. If he didn't win last time, he did this time.

The Columbus Zoo has replaced their levy, which rocks. The Smoking Ban passed, which I'm still divided on. And I need a raise now to pay for the frickin' school levy, because my taxes just priced themselves out of my budget.

In all, I'm happy with the end result. The people have spoken. And damn, did they ever speak loudly!

Would I change some of the outcome if I could? Sure. But I'm incredibly happy that the people decided to get out and vote. And that, my friends, is all that matters.

I start to wonder, am I the only person happy that people actually voted?

I've seen some frustration. You know, just a little. But me, I'm an eternal optimist, and so I have something to share.

Warning, you might not like what I say, because I'm not feeling defeated today. I'm feeling that, for better or worse, a bunch of people voted, and said what they wanted.

Now, that brings me to something else:

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Look, there's a lot left to do. Let's start today, alright? Not in three years.

Besides, you can't go to Canada, anyway.