December 7th, 2004


Office quotes. . .

The ADF Office (and us office elves) sometimes get the best emails. One of my favourite quotes ever comes from back in August of 2004:

"Thank you for creating such an informative and interesting site - it must have taken hours to research and put together."

Because, you know, the ADF website only took about two hours to throw together, but I guess we did about ten hours of research beforehand. . .


The quote really needs to go on a T-Shirt for Anthony.
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Weird head-gear

I just came to a rather stunning conclusion about why a bunch of Druid orgs wear those weird hats and sometimes fake beards. . . And white robes!

I have to write it up, still, but I think it has to do with powdered wigs.


(Here's hoping I can put it together in a coherent mess before I have to turn in my paper!)