December 9th, 2004


"Follow the equator, like that old articulator. . ."

So I now have Jimmy's new book, A Salty Piece of Land. It comes with a CD, too, and I rather like the song on it.

The book follows Tully Mars, whom I last met riding down the Mississipi to the Gulf on his horse, Mr. Twain. That story, found in Tales From Margaritaville, is one of my favourites. You can also catch snippets of that story in the song "Take Another Road", found on the album Off To See the Lizard.

That's the beauty of Buffett's work: the story can stand alone, through any of the various media and incarnations you may find. . . but why should it, when you can have the whole story by taking it all in?

Jimmy's writing is a particular style: the story is always grand and beautiful, but the writing itself isn't so hot. You have to read the book for the story, not the writing.

But that's the way it's always been with Jimmy, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Did you forget why you're here?

I have some new faces on my LJ recently. I'd like to point you to some of my favourite writings/essays/things I've done (this is review to those of you who have been around since the beginning, a year and a half ago):

My Dedicant Journal

My Chaos Essays - Experiential dealings with Chaos Magic. . . Very important to understanding some of the side comments, like "Mr. Laugh-at-Cthulhu".

The Otherside - My most elaborate CW to date.

The Missionary - A short story written about faith and its power.

Stars - Of all the things I've ever written, this one is probably in my top ten favourite.

The Death of the Cockroach King - Referenced recently in a comment in my journal, inspired by healing_coyote.

I Want to be Norman Paperman - An essay on the kind of person I want to be, on things I want to do.

A Prayer for the Lapsed - The kind of thing I pray when I'm unhappy with my religious devotion.

The Discordian Quotient - How to tell if you're in danger of becoming a Discordian.

Song Lyrics and meanings to me - Exactly what the link says.

The Nipple Dream - not a dream of mine, but a dream of a friend that shows you something about the kinds of people I hang out with.

How I want to go - For those already planning my funeral.

Of course, all my essays may be found here, and I highly recommend that if you're going to hang out for too long that you read some of the rest of my website, and probably my LJ Userinfo.

Welcome aboard, to all you guys who have joined me in the past three months. Thanks for comin' on.