December 15th, 2004


Divination = Sex?

When we talk about Divination, we tend to look at it from a modern world-view. Neo-Pagans have their own theories regarding the way divination was used in the ancient world, but we forget that the development of magical thought has coloured our view of what divination was to the ancients.

Divination is something connected directly to the idea of stepping outside the boudaries of the normal social order. In particular in Greece this is the case, where diviners are associated with the outskirts of society, not with its mainstream.

In fact, divination could, potentially, be tied directly to sex. Plato tells us that Eros is the intermediary between the gods and men, and that divination belongs entirely to him.

Curiously, Plato also includes "the art of the priests concerning sacrifice and initiations, just like the incantations, prophecy in general, and magic goeteia."

I think that, really, we need to re-visit the connection of divination and sex, and seriously think about how the two events are similar, if in state of mind or in myth.

Terminal Daydreams

"I've got a terminal daydream, something that you'll never know. . ."

Most of my life is a daydream. It's not true, nor is it right. It is, in fact, probably keeping me from being who I could be.

In the end, I'm a contented man.

I'm not sure that's a good thing. I don't make enough money, I don't have a house that's the size I want. I don't get enough days off, I don't hike enough. I never get enough sleep, and I never get to take as much time with my girlfriend as I want.

But yet, I love where I am in life, I love who I am. It's perfect, and life is running smooth and long.

Nothing is wrong. Nothing keeps me down.

My imagination has never left. I can see sheep through boxes.

I am the Fool of the Tarot.

An interesting find. . .

I found this as I was looking through my Senior Druid's survey (the form you fill out when you apply for a Charter). I realized it spoke to some current movements in ADF, and thought that some people on my friends' list would be interested to see what I wrote two years ago, before some of this hoopla started:


Is there anything about the words or behavior of the Mother Grove, or any of it's members, that you don't like?

I wish it were smaller. As I type, though, Skip has pushed a motion to vote about forming the executive committee. I'm a huge fan of benevolent dictatorships, though I (ironically) don't intend to lead my Grove that way.