January 31st, 2005


Two dreams. . . you're warned.

So last night I had two dreams. I think that I have to revise my general statement about how often I have dreams. It used to be "never" back in high school. It became "rarely" when I started college, literally one per quarter or so.

Toward the end of my college career, coinciding with the more thought and depth (or so I like to think) I gave to my spiritual practice, it became slightly more common. . . maybe once per month.

But now, I have to say that I often dream, and those dreams are very vivid. The way my mind appears to work is that reality and fiction aren't so much different, but that I don't care to distinugish between the two in general. A lot of it comes from my work with visualization: I have no issue perceiving things that are not real at the same time as perceiving things that are.

Perhaps calling them "real" and "not real" doesn't really do them justice. . . Probably better is "real to us" and "more real to me than to you". As you can see from that pair of statements, the work with Chaos Magic and Discordianism has affected my worldview some, and that's probably the main catalyst that brings in so many interesting ideas.

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"Eris made me do it."

And tonight, it appears that I need to write another article to replace one in OL that's getting pulled last minute.

Oh, joy.

Lucky that I have just the thing in mind, isn't it?

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