February 1st, 2005


"Something Involving Tentacles"

It's been a long day today, starting with getting up late, scraping the car, and sleepily wandering into work. See, I stayed up last night writing for Oak Leaves to re-fill some pages for #27. Didn't bother me too much, mainly because I wanted to write it anyway, and I got to sit with Tina while she wrote her paper.

But, through a day with stupid customers and not enough to eat, I've had a lot to get done. I need to take care of my taxes and send off my bills. *yawns*

But now I'm thinking about more concrete things. Collapse )

Say what you will about Necronomicons. This one's pretty nifty.

Oh, and my presentation at osu_psa is on Feb. 15, 8 PM, in Buckeye Suite AB in the Ohio Union. There will be some old-timers present. I requested that they attend rather specifically. (rfunk and nontacitare: wanna come down and make it a real reunion?)