February 9th, 2005


Strange things under the earth. . .

ninjer, I thought you should hear about this:

Over the past few days, I've been watching an excavation occur next to McCracken Power Plant just outside the windows on the stairwell I use, and I can see it from the window of my office here in Baker Systems.

Last week, they opened a hole I the ground. It wasn't a large hole, but they broke through on my lunch hour as I was walking down the stairs, and I stopped to watch for a minute. The workers looked confused, and I watched them talk on radios for a while until I got bored and went to lunch.

On my way back, though, they were filling in the hole as fast as they could. Not with concrete or anything sane, like stuff construction workers would usually use; no, they were using a bulldozer to fill it in with rocks and debris. . .

I'm wondering if maybe they uncovered something they weren't supposed to while they were digging, and needed to get it re-filled quickly.

In particular, do you think it's possible that they uncovered the tunnels from your entry a few weeks ago? I mean, they were certainly moving fast.

And when I look out today, I see that they're still digging, though in a different spot, and I don't see any of the same guys working. . . There's no question that they are emphatically not digging in the same spot, and it almost looks like they're avoiding where that hole was. . .