February 14th, 2005


VD anyone?

The online world is a strange place, and LJ is no exception. It seems that opininons are widely shared by the cliques and circles that run and jump throughout cyberspace, and we forget that those opinions aren't as indicitive of reality as we might like to think.

Between gay marriage, the election, and the amusing propensity of my friends to write Clex erotica, one can easily forget that this little online community that is LiveJournal is not a very accurate portrayal of the world at large. It's comfortable. You can hide in it. You can forget that the rest of the world is different, because, honestly, your online friends are very often just like you.

So I have been amused today to see rants and shouts about Valentine's Day. No one really seems happy with it (with the notable exception of singingwren), and this amuses me to a great extent.

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