February 15th, 2005


"Something Involving Tentacles", presented by Michael J Dangler

In a strange synthesis of fiction, chaos magic, and one big cosmic joke, this presentation will bring into focus the Cyclopean corpus of information on those weird things that lurk at the far edges of our consciousness: the fictional Elder Gods and Old Ones of Lovecraft's mythos. We'll discuss various Necronomicons, view modern interpretations of the mythos, and perhaps watch a short video or two. We'll also talk about the relevance of this particular mythos to modern Neo-Paganism (focusing on chaos magic) and the various uses and essays that have grown out of Lovecraft's stories (and the stories of those who have followed him).

This presentation will probably run longer than other recent presentations, so if you can't make it immediately, you won't miss everything, and if you can't stay all the way through, you'll still get to see a lot.

I promise a fun presentation with something for everyone. Between the films, the pictures, and the sounds, it will be an experience unique to PSA presentations. Come join us. :)

This meeting will be in Buckeye Suite AB, on the third floor of the Ohio Union at 8 PM tonight.