February 16th, 2005


Tentacle porn!

So last night was a marvelous evening involving film, literary discussions, and a short argument about perverse fertility. Oh, and tentacles.

Yes, talking about Cthulhu and Nyarlathotep and Yog-Sothoth was just the thing to get the blood moving.

I ended up rushing through some things, in particular the Chaos Magic portion of the slides. I wanted to hit some of the main points with Lovecraft and help people understand that. I knew I was passing through it much faster than intended, but I also knew that the two hours this meeting would clock in at far exceeded the normal presentation time of 30 minutes that this quarter has seen. . . And I didn't want to push too hard on time.

The whole thing ended up running about an hour and 40 minutes. Twenty-one people showed up (I think, though I'll have a more accurate count when I figure up how many handouts are left), which was far more than I expected, and for which I'm quite grateful. Thank you to those who showed up.

I was amused that the Cradle of Filth video got such a positive response, I just wish it had been shorter. And I wish I'd had sound coming from the projector, not just the iBook.

The short comic that ninjer let me use was great, especially his explaination of it. . . as I didn't actually have any idea about his intent, but I found it funny anyway. Special thanks, also, to those who were able to shed light onto aspects I either was unaware of, or couldn't explain as well.

Thanks much, guys. The presentation was worth giving because it was all so much fun. :)

Cite your source!

I'm finally someone!

I've been plagerized on the internet!

I'm sooooo happy! I'm important! I've been waiting for this day for years!

This day just gets better and better!

(edit: I should probably include the source. View the source here (third post down) and my own work here. The most amusing thing? Someone even complimented it, and he didn't say he didn't write it! I didn't come up with "Pale Patriarchal Penis People", either, but I'll shout from the rooftops that I heard it from John Michael Greer if anyone ever comments on it! And I'm totally serious about being damn proud right now!)