March 24th, 2005


Eris, beautiful and wonderful

Thank you for the answers to my question about Eris. I wanted to give you a bit of information about how I see Her.

First, She's a hottie. If you didn't know that by now, you don't know me well. In fact, She falls under my idea of "gorgeous".

My favourite picture of Herself is actually ASCII Art that isn't very work-safe.

Then again, Heather Graham makes a good Eris, too. So does Michelle Pfeiffer.

In my eyes, Eris looks like this: She's a very curvy 5'10"; long, curly and messed up red hair; a seductive smile on Her full lips and twinkling in Her green eyes; and a hand behind Her back, keeping the next turn hidden until I'm ready to trip over it.

If you've ever met Tina, you know the template. But despite having almost exactly the same attributes, Eris looks nothing like Tina.

Eris is exactly what I think the most beautiful woman in the world would look like. She is smooth, seductive, playful, inquisitive, gentle and harsh, and always motivated and interested in something. . . even if it's not in your personal best interest, it is in Hers.

I'm always interested in the way others see Her, though. I do Google Image Searches (under "Eris" and "Discorida") every so often for pictuers of Her, and I have an archive of 64 pictures of Eris from all over the Internet and any book that I've been able to lay hands on and scan in from.

[Heck, I just found out that they have an Eris action figure that I didn't know about.]

Some people call me crazy for following this particular hottie around, but really, it's my own form of sanity. When someone looks like She does, though, you have to admit that following Her anywhere is more pleasure than punsihment.

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