March 29th, 2005


A beautiful lunch date will solve all the world's problems. . .

Having been overly creative yesterday making something that turned into a timely present for ceolnamara, I am quite drained of creativity today. Or, I was before I spent my lunch hour with an incredibly beautiful woman.

I received a great package from shizukagozen of books about how to lug my ass around Europe in preparation for visiting. It helped me have a sudden insight to how to see the English Channel from the bottom rather than the top, and it kept me from being lost when fred_smith mentioned Eurostar.

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And, as I was at lunch with my beautiful lunchdate, it was decided that rhiannon76 should go into business with those wonderful catbeds of hers, as Tina would certainly purchase one for Raven.

I simply must own this book: The Chaos Cookbook

Oh, and you should all meet our most recent addition to the menagerie: Collapse )