April 14th, 2005


Saw a movie last night. . .

Last night, Tina and I went to see Hotel Rwanda. If you haven't seen it, please do.

What I found most interesting was the idea "It can't happen here" . . . And how wrong it was.

Wish I had more time to discuss. :) But it's a busy, busy day.

Gotta get as much done as possible before I go over to meet Tina for lunch. Mmmmm. . . hot lunch date. . .


I suppose it's wrong to laugh at others' beliefs, especially since I'm not Wiccan myself (is this a 3rd Degree secret, anyone?).

But, I mean, come on. People don't take Paganism seriously for a reason, folks.

And that reason wears eye-makeup a la The Ultimate Warrior.

In other news, I am far too amused today.
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