April 20th, 2005


What a day. . . Sigils and time-traveling mages. . . Stay away from me, please!

Well, yesterday was officially the busiest day I've had in a long time.

I met 15 total time-traveling mages, and found out that they can really keep one busy.

I noticed that my sigilzation technique changed. I think this was self-defense, actually, as I found myself suddenly required to make sigils at the drop of a hat, with little thought and lots of creativity.

In the past, my sigils have been mostly words formed into symbols; yesterday, they were mostly cartoonish drawings and initials (when letters were actually involved). I'm not so impressed with how they look, because some quite clearly convey the exact intent, which is sometimes considered a no-no in the sigilization world.

Truth be told, they are, in general, poor displays of sigilmanship (if such a thing exists) if you look at them from the armchair of Chaos Magic theory. If I had seen these sigils on Monday, I would have suggested that the Chaote who drew them go back to Sigil School.

I will have a copy of all the sigils I did at Trillium this weekend, if you're really interested. Here are the highlights for people who won't get to be there (I'll hopefully be able to get pics up later for the ones that have no pic):

  1. The sigil that started it all was for fred_smith, and is for opening a pickle jar.
  2. A sigil for tlachtga to get her boyfriend to pick up his clothes, or at least not leave them on the floor.
  3. A sigil for a guy named Jaxx Splaxt, who noted that he was currently in the Anderson System and in the 25th century. I created a sigil to help him find his Yarston Blaster (whatever that is).
  4. A sigil for tanrinia because she needed one.
  5. A sigil for ceolnamara to find a free table at lunch.
  6. A sigil for a girl named Cynthia who introduced herself at lunch.
  7. A sigil for singingwren, who needed her sound card fixed (unforunately, no amount of magic can fix the sound on a computer without a soundcard. . .)
  8. A sigil for saffronhare to ward off the bugs.
  9. A sigil for perlgirlju for some R&R.
  10. One sigil was written on the back of a five dollar bill for a cashier at Wendy's who was looking for a boyfriend.
  11. A sigil for mistw02 for a test.
  12. A sigil for an idiot who couldn't install SPSS (passed over the counter at work).
  13. A sigil for rfunk for his attendance at PSA in the past.
  14. A sigil for ceolnamara was also done to help her open an Orange Juice bottle on Sunday, but it hasn't been done yet.
  15. And finally, a sigil for the campus preacher dude who is very obviously a time-traveling magician, but was very resistant for a while to taking the sigil, because I think he wanted to keep his status as a mage on the DL.

But most importantly, a big thank-you to everyone who was not a time-traveling mage yesterday. You have no idea how much I appreciate your normalcy.