June 1st, 2005


"He's breathing! It's okay!"

Yes, I'm back.

Yes, I'm alive.

Yes, I will be reading all your entries.

It just might take me a while.

Wellspring will certainly need an update. I was shocked and surprised: this was the best Wellspring I have ever been to.

Maybe I'll even get around to writing about Trillium, too. . .

Archery and shirtless men?

I absolutely must have a picture of uberrod and I shooting archery shirtless. It is required for my Wellspring entry.

And I know they exist.

Collapse )

Feel free to post it in the comments, if you have it, or to email it to me.

Also nice would be any pics of myself and romandruid, druidkirk, druidchick, Erien, chirael, etc.

So, yeah. Basically, any pics with me and anyone else are much appreciated. And not just from this festival. :)
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