June 3rd, 2005


A query, a quiz, and misunderstood art

This is floating around, and given the things that have come up when I did it for others, it's gotta be fun:

1. What's the first word that comes to mind when you think of me?
2. Go to google and image search for that word.
3. Reply to this post with one of the pictures on the first page of results (don't tell me the word). Use an image tag.
4. Put this in your own blog so that I can do the same.

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At the moment, smithing_chick is telling me that I should have gone to at least look at the art stuff for competition at Wellspring. Unfortunately, art just isn't my thing. Viewing it takes boredom to a new level for me, usually. I pretty much only can find art interesting in an historical context.

I don't appreciate poetry (mainly because I can't read it), either, but no one seems bothered by that :)

odinkar asked me to list my 6 favourite songs at the moment. Here they are:

1. "Last Mango in Paris" - JB
2. "Buttermilk Grove" - JB
3. "Love in Decline" - JB
4. "Distantly in Love" - JB
5. "Songs About Me" - Trace Adkins
6. "Can't Be Myself" - Watershed
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