June 20th, 2005


A long and good week

I had a really good week last week.

Tina was out of town at a dowsing convention with her father, so I had a lot more free time than usual. Missed her terribly, though. I managed to get some weeding done in the back of the house, mow the lawn, hang out in the hot tub, get a liturgy meeting done, and not die of laughter from Erien's post to ADF-Religion (but my there was a good laugh to be had there).

Sunday was a ritual with 6th Night, which was a great rite. I love coming home to that Grove, and don't do it often enough!

On Monday I worked late after work on things not for work, but for ADF and myself. I got a heck of a lot done. On returning home, I felt very loved, because I had several packages waiting for me.

Tuesday was up and home pretty quick. I met perlgirlju at my place and we got to working on some things for the Grove. We got our ComFest stuff, and we should be ready to go on our booth now. I spent the rest of the night reading a book I'd gotten in the mail the day before, and was sorry I'd stayed up so late the next morning.

Wednesday was spent mowing the lawn and pulling out various weeds in the front. And there were a lot of weeds.

Thursday was a Grove business meeting. After the business meeting, singingwren crashed at my place. As we were talking in the back yard, we started weeding, and by the end of it we were down a lot of weeds and up three full lawn bags. I even managed to get her into the hottub for a couple hours of relaxation. I also got a poem in my email from druid_medb, which can now be found in my LJ bio (at the bottom). shizukagozen and m3ch were supposed to be in town that night, but they didn't arrive until the next morning (around 2 AM).

Friday, I was not well in the morning, so called in sick. Eventually, I was feeling better, and wanted to take advantage of the day ahead, and called shizukagozen. I swung by, we had pizza for lunch at Hound Dog's, and then went out to Eris, OH, for some relaxation, where we found some badgers having sex next to the road, discovered that Eris goes both ways (but not a third way), and I was given pornography by a three-year-old child. I climbed a tree in the cemetery, at which Wasabi (the dog) decided I was no longer his friend, but probably some sort of monkey-squirrel-thing that ate dogs for lunch. He didn't like me so much after that. After getting back to Columbus, we sat and chatted in my basement, watching Bunny enjoy looking at the rats and the fish. singingwren called just as shizukagozen and m3ch were leaving, and asked if she could stay the night again, to which I relpied she certainly could.

Saturday, I slept in some, and then began decorating the basement with singingwren for the Tiki party later that night. In all, she was a great help all weekend, really. Around noon or so, I got a call from shizukagozen, and we made arrangements to meet around 1. We went downtown to get a couple more decorations for the Tiki party, wandered around the North Market a bit, and then headed back to their hotel. I left them there, and went in search of mango juice and margarita mix. The latter was much easier to find than the former, and I actually went to four seperate stores to find that mango juice.

The Tiki party got started slowly, but went off without a hitch. It was good to see ceolnamara again, and romandruid brought her. They showed up on time, around 6. shizukagozen and m3ch showed up with Bunny and Wasabi in tow around 7, while wishesofastar showed up with Tom around 8:00. singingwren brought up the rear around 9:00. We watched the great moive, I Sailed to Tahiti with an All Girl Crew staring Gardner McKay, and man, it's a great flick. Following that, we turned on the old Gregory Peck movie, Captain Horatio Hornblower. People started leaving around 10, and I ended up climbing into the hot tub by myself for the evening, because I just needed to think of nothing for a while.

Sunday was the Soulstice rite, where I got to see moonstone1220 and several new friends. On the way out, though, I stopped to pick up mistw02 and take her out to the rite. She lives about three blocks north of where shizukagozen was staying, and I was wondering if I might happen to cross paths with them. Sure enough, headed south on Olentangy, I saw m3ch pulling out of the parking lot. They ended up behind me at the onramp to 315, and I leaned out the window and waved. They seemed quite amused, and ended up following me all the way to the rite.

The rite went remarkably well. Jim lead it and did a supurb job, and the praise offerings were wonderful. I attempted some Norwegian Death Metal (I think) and did alright at it. The hambrugers were delicious, and at the end, I saw shizukagozen, m3ch, Bunny, and Wasabi off as they headed back to Chicago, but not before shizukagozen got in a grope of my ass and had some of that perverse fertility going on (men, children, and dogs all at once!).

Following the rite, singingwren and I went for a walk. When we got back, a nice lady asked us what we'd been doing in the park and told us we made a cute couple. We laughed, and I'm afraid she might have thought we were laughing at her, but then, we kinda were. She was terribly cute in her questions, though. It made my day.

I got home, Tina was there, and I spent my time watching Simpsons and cleaning up the Tiki party.

All in all, a great week.

Tags and roaches

Side note: I updated my journal so that I could use tags. This is really cool, as now you can see, say, everything related to ADF, or everything related to Chaos Magic, or everything I consider "writings", or every thing related to hotties. Take your pick.

I'm only back to about January 2005 so far (and I have a lot more writings to tag), but it's a start. Some of my best stuff is back in 2004, so look for an update once I've gone back further. The best part, of course, is that it'll let people like romandruid avoid my CM entries :) (don't worry, they'll get her eventually).

The most popular tag is "writings", followed closely by "amusement" and "ADF", if that tells you anything about my journal. "Hotties" ranks up about in the upper-middle of the tags.

The only thing that isn't amusing? I haven't figured out how to get my cockroaches back. I miss them. They scurried off when I turned the lights on in my journal to update it. In honour, here are five green cockroaches for your viewing pleasure, until I figure out how to lure them back to the comment screen: