July 1st, 2005


If the draft starts, I'm gonna marry me a man!

fred_smith pointed out to me today that there's a simple way to get out of any military draft that may occur.

Be gay.

He's totally right. I mean, all you have to do is *say* you're gay. You don't even have to be. And if they want proof, there are all sorts of states where you can go through a ceremony that isn't legal or binding to "prove" your commitment to a gay lifestyle.

I don't think there'll be a draft, but just imagine if there was, and all of a sudden, 2/3 of the 18-26 year old males in the country declared themselves gay and got marriages in states that had made it illegal to prove that they were?

I suppose they'd have to say that gays could serve in the military, or else try and scare people off by legalizing and completely legitimizing gay marriage. . .

And wouldn't that just be horrid?

Being gay is cheaper than moving to Canada.