July 22nd, 2005


Robes and a bit more.

It appears I'll be trying to make my own robe in the next week or so. I need one, post-haste, and so it's time to give my sewing skills a shot, damnit.

Now, if only I knew how to sew.

Tina and I are chatting about invitations and house cleaning today over email. I think I'm with her, though: I'm not thinking about going to the Dublin Irish Festival in a couple weeks. It's too expensive to get in the doors and I never have enough fun to justify hanging out with a bunch of drunk wannabe-Irish people.

And wow, I just missed part of my lunch. I'll have to go a bit later. Good thing Joyce is taking a late lunch today.

My myrtle--real myrtle--is on the way. I'm quite excited about that. I might be able to raise Dude much faster than I expected.

Certain website projects are coming along nicely, but not quickly enough for me.

Ten days. Ten days is all I have. But I have faith that all will be in order.