August 22nd, 2005


Weekend in review. . .

Oh, what a good weekend. It was relaxing, fun, and I got so much stuff done! Not only did I manage to re-organize myself and fix some plumbing, but I spent the time studying and watching movies. Life was quite good, and I'm now well-rested.

And I read a lot of Crowley, Frater U.'.D.'., and Abramelin. I also found an old love spell I wrote some time ago. Man, it was quite humourous, especially my stupid note about morality at the beginning.

Since writing that note, I've come to believe that if you have to make a note about the morality of something, you shouldn't write it. That's like giving a 13 year old a gun and telling him never to use it under any circumstances.

"Is Eris real?" George Dorn asked.

Hagbard replied: "When you're dealing with these forces or powers in a philosophic and scientific way, contemplating them from an armchair, that rationalistic approach is useful. It is quite profitable then to regard the gods and goddesses and demons as projections of the human mind or unconscious aspects of ourselves. But every truth is a truth only for one place and one time, and that's a truth, as I said, for the armchair. When you're actually dealing with these figures, the only safe, pragmatic, and operational approach is to treat them as having a being, a will, and a purpose entirely apart from the humans who evoke them. If the Sorcerer's Apprentice had understood that, he wouldn't have gotten into so much trouble."

This exchange, from the Illuminatus! Trilogy, basically sums up my theory on all divinity. I agree very much with Hagbard. I don't think I could have put it better myself.

Today, I went and updated the Chaos section of my website, adding both some new things to the "Authentic Chaos" section (which will, I think, need to become its own sub-directory soon because it's getting so much stuff in it) and adding new items to the Random Chaos Working Generator. I need to scan and/or create two pictures (one of the helm of awe, and one to go with a chaos working), but they're pretty well finished.

My tickets to Austria for Walking With Fire are booked, thanks to ceolnamara. She's got us arriving on the 22nd in Salzberg, then home on the 28th, so there's no worries about not getting there and back again on time. This makes me very happy. Now, I just need to figure out what actual time we're arriving.

Honestly, Walking With Fire makes me terribly proud of ADF. How many other organizations have festivals on more than one continent? And now I have a chance to meet some of those European ADF members I've always wanted to meet.

Oh, but today is a pretty good day. Even if I did take a spill down the stairs and left without breakfast this morning. Even if I did spend the weekend working on pipes and plumbing. Even if I did tear apart the whole house looking for a magical tool that never turned up. Today is a pretty good day. There's even cash in my wallet, a rare occasion now.

And this coming weekend? SUMMERLAND!

Apparently, the Scientologists think I'm doing alright

This amuses me. I forget who I stole it from, but I took this little Scientology test to see how I'm doing. Because, you know, the Scientologists know everything.

I think I'm doin' just fine. The Scientologists said so!

(Note: when you take the test, it asks you for all sorts of crap in terms of address and email. Only some of these fields are required, and I just dumped some garbage into them rather than give them anything real. Enjoy!)
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