August 25th, 2005



I'm escaping.

I'm making a run for it.

I'm picking up one hottie at the airport tonight (healing_coyote) and another in the morning (ardgruntler). I'm looking forward to a quiet dinner with the former, and a quiet breakfast with the latter.

I'm hoping to eventually get some sleep, but I'm not exactly counting on it. Given the slumber party healing_coyote and I had at Walking With Fire, sleep is likely to be a pipe dream for me tonight.

Yes, I'm getting away. I'm going somewhere that there are clean things like mud and music and mead. Friendship and fellowship and flirting. These are things that must be taken seriously, you know. They're some of the most important things in life.

There is Captian Morgan's rum and Highland Park whisky and Smirnoff twisted sour apple and Guinness and Killians beer packed. The beer is free for the taking, as I don't drink it, and I expect to take none home. Oh, and mead, though I should warn people that the best mead may get accidentally opened tonight: healing_coyote and I have a standing agreement that we need to split a bottle of mead, just the two of us. I'll be buying some more rum before I leave Columbus, as I need to have something to drink with lillassea. And here's hoping that we can raise a few eyebrows. The Smirnoff and the whisky might just be for perlgirlju, but I plead the fifth on that. But of course, I'm more than happy to share just about anything with just about anyone.

I'm looking forward to meeting people, like prophet_maid and sleepingwolf (if the latter makes up his mind to go). Meeting new friends and seeing old ones is one of the best parts of any festival.

Summerland is the best festival in Ohio. I've always thought so.

Come join me. Once you're there, you can't imagine a better use of your time.

Escape. Get away. Have fun for a change!