August 31st, 2005


Getting to where I need to be.

I put away Abramelin last night. I've been reading his work each night before bed.

But last night, I found myself missing something. Something very important to me.

Because of that, I got as close as I could to what I was missing. I pulled out my copy of Chaucer and began reading The Knight's Tale.

And I fell asleep closer to the one I missed.

Keeping up with myself

Sometimes, the natrual world has nothing on the city.

The rain in the forests and the mountains and the fields is cleansing, but it falls in the darkness and soaks into the ground. It has done this for millions of years, since before we crawled out of the slime pools that we came from.

But last night, as I stepped outside the grocery store, I looked at the rain. It fell in sheets, striking the asphalt and splashing in the puddles. A streetlamp was shining down upon the scene.

And the heavens were under my feet.

I watched the stars that were obscured by clouds above me fall to the earth: the light reflecting off the splash, each drop of water flickering and dancing in the streetlamp against the blacktop below.

I watched the scene for a moment, smiling.

Miracles and stars can be found in the strangest places.