September 13th, 2005



sleepingwolf pointed this out to me, and I find it very amusing.

I was going to write more, but look! It's almost lunch time. . . and I have some serious food to go dig up. I'm starved!

Edit: Apparently, I was nominated. So I accepted. I'm in an accepting mood today.
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Lover thing

So, tanrinia told me I had to do Collapse )

So I did that for about 20 minutes instead of send out stuff for the Grove. Tisk, tisk.

Why must the job of Scribe come with distracting qualities?


Oh, and I was given a flower from Tahiti today. From a man. This is the first flower I've ever received from a man.

I've never received flowers from a woman I was dating. It struck me some time ago that women really ought to occasionally give their men flowers instead of just bitchin' about how they never get any. Like attracts like, you know.