September 19th, 2005


Sours to Flowers

"I find support in the sky and the earth; I find support in expiation and inspiration; I find support in day and night; I find support in food and drink; in the holy power; in the lordly power; in these worlds I find support."
      -Rg Veda

It's interesting, today, how I look out on things. It's a generally happy day, really. We're shockingly light on customers (though there's no shortage of work, for sure), the students are back, and I've gotten to see some people for the first time in a while.

But the escapist in me isn't letting go today. Maybe it's the overcast sky or the fact that I know the Autumn Quarter rush is just now hitting stride. . . but there's a lot I need to get away from.

The past few weeks have shown strange and slightly surprising introspection. In some cases, I wasn't aware of how deep I might actually be. In fact, I thought that the depth of me was pretty similar to the Grow Cube that fred_smith introduced me to today.

I spent the weekend avoiding (for the most part, successfully) the birthday wishes of most people. I don't care for a celebration of myself, never really have, and after last year's attempt at a birthday party fell through horridly (though for everyone's benefit, it seems), I've learned that birthdays are not to be celebrated. So, after receiving birthday wishes from a total of five people (four of them family who can't really be faulted for it), I consider this birthday a complete success. I've grown older, but not so much up. And no one cared.

Hehe. Just the thought that no one cared makes me remarkably happy, actually.

In these worlds, I find support


This was, officially, a good LJ entry!

[Oh, but I was going to mention that this overcast and cool day I've seen no fewer than five crickets. This is significant, but only to me and one other person, but it's significant enough to mention.]


Well, this is amusingly embarassing.

I totally forgot to pay a bill. My car payment, to be exact. I was certain I'd made it, actually. Totally positive. 100%.

But they called me (I'm on the phone with them now), and when I went to find the check receipt. . . it wasn't there.

So that's nearly $300 (including late fees) that I wasn't expecting to spend.

I think I could use another paycheck.

A second job is looking more and more appealing. This paycheck simply isn't enough.

I could tell, though: the Customer Services agent on the other end has heard my excuse before. . . Doesn't matter that in my case, it was true. I wouldn't believe me, either.
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