October 10th, 2005


Posting proliferation

I write nearly all my LJ entries at home. I just don't have time at work. Sometimes I write them out longhand at lunch.

I have several posts to make after being sick for a few days. I don't know how often I'll post them, but I'll probably post them all before Friday.

I didn't bother to date them. Maybe next time I will. But I kinda like being able to just post them at random.
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Some days, I have no idea where I get my friends.

I received a series of pictures today in my email. They came in a poem. Those who correctly guess who sent them to me will get to see the pictures. You must guess from the poem, though:

the bed
the rope

The poem, according to the sender, was entirely unintentional. It was formed by the subject lines from each email sent. They happened to fall into that order when I received them.

Poll #587309 Poll 11: whips and chains and hillbilly things

Who wrote this?

Those who get the answer right get to see the pictures. . .

An extra point to anyone who can guess exactly what the pictures are of before seeing them.

One guess, one vote. Have fun.
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The self is like a diamond as big as the Ritz

Reading Cosmic Trigger, I came down with something. It's one of those things about RAW's work: it's got infectious ideas. I may not be convinced that these ideas are good, but they certainly resonate.

Anyway, RAW partitions off his personality into several facets. He seems to define them by a captialized word: Shaman, Skeptic, Mystic, and Poet.

I never planned to pick this up. At some point, though, probably about two or four months ago, I started doing this. I talk about things, though, I've begun to slip into this (rather useful) method of describing what's going on.

The Magician, for instance, is the one who has no fear, who laughs. He's not as strong as he used to be, but he's my first line of defense when things go wrong. He tests the waters when he knows there are pirhanas in the river, dances with tentacles, and sings in the rain.

The Shaman rarely bothers to come out, but his interest is perked by certain things. He's never been a big part of me, really. Well, not since I realized that DJ Conway was full of more shit than anyone I'd ever read.

The Scholar cuts through the bullshit, and is probably half the reason that the Shaman went into hiding. The Scholar pointed out early on that Shamanism has no place in Celtic religion as I practice it, and so the Shaman decided he wasn't going to be very important either. These pieces can fight it out, too, and sometimes come to understandings.

The Historian is slightly different than the Scholar, and he gets hung up on little hour-long documentaries on the Falkland Islands war, recreating and reenacting things in an accurate manner, and any map that shows troop movements (regardless of battle or time period).

The Priest turned tail and hid recently. He's afraid of coming out. Of all the roles that are played within me, this one has had the hardest time with everything recently. Gods, I want him back.

There are other parts of me, more complicated and less complicated parts. But for now, this is a good start.