November 2nd, 2005


I'm gald it's lunch

I'm not doing well today.

After perlgirlju came in, I went back into my office to put away the key she gave me. At that point, I was overcome with a rather nasty dizzy spell.

It hasn't really gone away, and it's been probably an hour.

I'm still functioning alright, but if this keeps up after lunch, I won't be able to stay at work.

Weird, I've never felt like this for this long.

Here's hoping I'm just hungry.
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Sicko, that's me.

Well, here's the deal.

The world, she spins.

But I'm doin' alright with it.

I got some food, and it didn't help initially, but I went back to my office and did what I do best: I pushed through it. Now, there's less spinning.

Walking to lunch (and, occasionally, around the office), is an interesting experience. As I wandered across campus, I was pushing off with my left foot.

If you've ever been to an amusement park with one of those water rides with the logs (often called "flume" rides or something like that), you may know what I mean. At the point where you get on and off the ride, there's a large, round platform that slowly spins around. It's so you can get into the log or boat without having to stop the boat in the running water.

It felt like I was walking across one of those, trying to reach a distant point on the horizon.

Thanks to those who expressed concern. It's lookin', though, like I'm alright. I don't think that this will leave the realm of "annoying" again today.

I'll be leaving work soon. I have a couple of calls to make tonight. Then, it's collapse and die, I think.

Oh, wait: I think I was supposed to do something tonight. Crap. I wonder what it was?
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