November 3rd, 2005


A song, and hotties. Lots and lots of hotties.

featherynscale posted a poll about my entry from the Song of Songs last night. Got me thinking.

I generally think that the Song of Songs isn't really about god and man, or man and man, or even that it's necessarily mystical. When I read it, I generally take the position that it's written by a woman to a man, but I don't really believe it's that, either. The voice flip-flops a lot. I do tend to think of it simply as a beautiful way to describe just how you love someone.

To me, the key phrase is, "My beloved is like a Gazelle". It's got some deep meaning to me, personally, that probably shouldn't be described at this point. I'm not even sure it could be described. Some people might have an inkling, or think they do (one person, I imagine, actually has a very good idea), but I don't honestly know how to define it.

As far as erotic thoughts about deity: I fall borderline. I think of Eris as extremely hot 'n' sexy, but I've never considered anything sexual with her, really. So I don't think I could consider the thoughts I have about her as "erotic", though others might think that simply seeing her in the light I do, I'm having erotic thoughts.

It brings up how I see most women, though: just because they're hot doesn't mean I think erotically about them. Collapse )

On the to-do list:
  1. Track down resources for my next DP-related project: requirement packets
  2. Finish my next Oak Leaves article about Felicitas Goodman and ecstatic body postures
  3. Fix my Slavic vampire presentation for Walking With Fire
  4. Call the people I didn't manage to call last night
  5. Start in on the next Chronarchy.Com update
  6. Re-work my daily rituals a bit
  7. Maybe get cleaned up before tomorrow night. Just a bit.
  8. By popular request, add a "Make-shit-up-about-MJD" section to the next 3CG business meeting
  9. Maybe make a poll for the same thing here on my LJ
  10. Make sure we have a location for Saturnalia
  11. Write up that bit about costumes I've been meaning to. perlgirlju gave me a great start over email, and so I'll probably edit some things I wrote in my half of the conversation to her and use that as my basis for the entry.