November 13th, 2005


Oh, I got presents to send you. . .

A number of you know that I'm going to be traveling in the near future. In order to send out postcards (and, later, christmas cards), I'll need some addresses. Don't forget to include your name (unless you want something sent to your LJ name, of course)!

Poll #611708 Poll 12: Austria has sex shops, right?

What are you interested in receiving from me?

Postcards from exotic locales!
Christmas cards!
Strange vibrating packages
Why not all of them?!
Why not all of them?! Well, except for the vibrating packages. That scares me.

What is your address so I can ship you a card or something? Don't forget to tell me who you are!

Locked, of course, so I'm the only one who can see it.

Edit: Oh, yeah: If you don't have an LJ Account, you can also e-mail me.
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