November 17th, 2005


A set of goals and some organization

Last night before I left work, I got some things thrown together in a list. Actually a couple of lists I've had on my plate for a while, but haven't really put them together.

The first is a set of goals and projects:

The second is a specific set of goals for my current project, temporarily titled "Dedicant Requirement Packets":

Only ADF members are going to be able to see those pages, but basically the first one includes a list of articles for OL that I'm writing, a list of things to fix in the DP Wheel of the Year document, and a couple of things I need to do for the Grove are listed.

The second page includes my basic idea for the packets I'm thinking about. I'm still working on this second one in particular, and will probably sub-divide it into 11 further pages (one for each requirement in the DP).

As things slowly taper off here at work (and believe me, the idea that it's "tapering off" at all is kinda funny, given the guy I just had to deal with), I'll have some more time to think about these things. More to the point, once I go off the clock, I'll want to think about things again when I'm off the clock.

It'd be nice to daydream about women again.

Speaking of women, the brightest spot of my day yesterday was at lunch, when I just happened to see perlgirlju wandering by. It made my day. Inexplicable, but then, my best moods usually are. So thanks to perlgirlju.