December 22nd, 2005



My hands still smell like alcohol from last night.

And I washed them well.

Maybe it's the rest of me that smells like alcohol?
"I've influenced Kings and world leaders,
I helped Hemingway write like he did.
And I'll bet you a drink or two
that I can make you put that lampshade on your head."
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Fuck Firefox, I'm going back to a reliable browser

I'm giving up on Firefox. It just deleted all my bookmarks, won't let me re-import them, and won't let me bookmark anything.

So, fuck the fox.

I'll see it in hell.

Back to my far more reliable Mozilla Firebird v. 0.7. It never gave me *any* problems.

Good thing I didn't delete it. . . or worse: install over it.

*edit: Apparently, Firefox doesn't come with an uninstaller. . . And the regular "add-remove programs" in Windows doesn't uninstall it. My opinion of Firefox just hit rock bottom.

If I ever said anything good about Firefox, I take it back. All of it.
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    "Death of an Unpopular Poet", -JB

Festivals in 2006

It looks like I'm planning on the following festivals this year:

Pantheacon (royally tentative right now)

Trillium: The ADF Spring Gathering, April 20-23, 2006

Desert Magic Festival, May 4-7, 2006. I'm still very much considering a long hike in the mountains before this festival. Maybe after? Who knows.

3CG festival?, very tentative, but the dates set aside are May 19-21, or maybe June 9-11, or maybe none at all

The Wellspring Gathering: the ADF National Meeting, May 25-29, 2006 (dates in question) (tentative, but likely, though my Magic 8 Ball tells me I shouldn't go)

The Starwood Festival July 18-24, 2006 (dates in question) (tentative, though the Magic 8 Ball says, when I ask if I should go, "It is Decidedly So")

The Summerland Gathering, Aug. 25-27 (dates in question)

Burning Man, Aug. 28-Sept. 4, 2006 (tentative, but a strong leaning toward, and my Magic 8 Ball says "Outlook Good")

Three Realms: A Pacific Druid Festival, Oct. 12-15 (dates in question) (tentative and very much dependant on scheduling, and my 8 Ball says "Highly Doubtful")

Of course, there's also Walking With Fire: An Eastern Indo-European Conference, but the dates and location on that became somewhat sketchy recently. . . though I have it on good authority that it'll go forward.

I'd also love to attend Fall Fest, but getting there is just so damn difficult, since I'm not allowed vacation around that time, and flying in is so damn difficult (as I discovered last year when I tried to make it).

Walking With Fire: An Eastern Indo-European Conference (Part VI)

"Reading Departure Signs in Some Big Airport, Wondering Why We Ever Go Home"

This review only really covers the important things, so not everything covered in other entries will be covered in this one, because some things are a) for those who were there and b) simply unimportant.

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Entries from this trip:
Entry 1 | Entry 2 | Entry 3 | Entry 4 | Entry 5 | Entry 6
A quick overview of the entire trip