January 11th, 2006


So much going on, so little time to do it in. . .

Last night, out with tesinth and singingwren, I managed to get my first reasonable meal in weeks. Even when my parents were in town, I avoided eating my fill. . . They don't need to know just how hungry I've been recently. It's something that will, I know, pass, as things do. And tesinth knows why I couldn't get my fill of steak fries at Red Robin.

I realized recently that part of the problem is this damned calorie-reduction kick that the world is on. How on earth do people who need high calorie diets manage in this world? And if the calories are high enough, the sodium is through the roof, and I watch that most closely in my food intake. I'm hovering around 1,000-1,500 calories short (depending on the day) of what I want and need to be eating, I think. Cutting out fast food in the interest of saving money has highly affected that, and I'm steadily losing the ground I made up after being sick, in terms of weight.

I've got a book nearly finished for the Dedicants. Those who have seen it seem to like it, and I expect to finish it this weekend (along with two or three Oak Leaves submissions) and then move directly onto another (this time non-ADF) project while waiting until the next weekend to start on another ADF project.

This morning, though, I was plesantly surprised to find myself with a hot new LJ friend, so life is looking up.

Full stomach, a book nearly finished, and women. . . life is good.