January 17th, 2006


The Light Brigade's orders, a crazy weekend, my biography, and Buffett as an Oracular source. . .

Lord Raglan wishes the cavalry to advance rapidly to the front, follow the enemy and try to prevent the enemy carrying away the guns. Troop Horse Artillery may accompany. French cavalry is on your left. Immediate. -R. Airey
I admit to a fascination with military blunders. They are ever more interesting than the actual successes; while war can show humans at their best, it is far more likely to show them at their worst.

I spent my weekend working on this Nine Virtues book for ADF. I was thinking about how I work for ADF and what I do, and I have learned that I work best when I'm allowed to take my own initiative and run with it. One day, I expect to get burned doing this ("Why'd you do that? We don't need it and we don't want it, either"), but here's hoping today is not that day. *grins*

If today is that day, though. . . Well, I've got some other projects to work through, and it doesn't diminish the pride I feel in this particular book, which I have to say is pretty darn good, personally.

I'm looking at writing about a particular experience in my magical training, as well. I imagine some of you will have heard it before, but I want to make sure that I recount the experience correctly, so I'm still studying it and remembering it. It is, I admit, an interesting exercise.

And for those of you who have been waiting patiently, the Jimmy Buffett Oracle has been finished. It led to some interesting and deep realizations, in particular that the knowledge of the source text is vital to understanding the Oracle in question. I know I get more out of this Oracle than most people ever could, and by extension, I know that a poet would get more out of the Homeric Oracle than I ever possibly could. An intimate knowledge of the text is so important, I might argue, that the Oracles could be useless without that knowledge.

But then, I'm a stickler for source material :)

So kick back, come up with a question, and Ask Jimmy. It is, perhaps, better used like a horoscope (as the other Oracles are), but I originally set it to also answer (vaguely) yes/no questions, as it was going to be a Buffett~ish Magic 8 Ball. But, what with Buffett being so amazingly oracular, it became an Oracle, ya know?