January 18th, 2006


A strange book upon my doorstep appears . . .

As I approached my door on that cold, rainy night, I happened across a small, non-descript package upon the step. The packaging was damp from the rain, but not soaked through. I gathered it up with my things and brought it inside.

I wondered what the package held, and so after setting my other affairs in order about the house, I dug out my pocket knife and opened the package. Within, I found a mass of paper wrapped around a more solid object. Removing the paper, I felt that it must contain a book, but I sought a letter or another item that might disclose the origin of this box. Alas, none was immediately apparent within.

Unwrapping the paper that surrounded the book, I was cautious. I know too well what omen books found on dreary nights, alone on the doorstep, might be. Imagine my surprise when I removed the final sheet of paper and saw a long-lost and forgotten being looking me in the eye.

Before me, reposed in my shaking hands, was a frightful countenance. An elongated head, wrinkled and elder, comprised most of the cover. Two silvery, elongated eyes stared coldly at me. The teeth, many misshapen or discoloured, were the prominent feature around the mouth and grinned in an unholy way. Coming out of its mouth was an horrific tongue, reaching out toward me. In this elder-being's hands, the world itself was grasped, and the book made a clicking noise when moved, not unlike the sound of certain night-loving insects.

Below the horrible visige, the name of the book was clear:


Behind the cover, a letter was loosely placed. Through elegant script which tapered off into illegible scribble, one line stood out:
"I would urge the utmost caution in any recitation of the book's passages."
Words I should surely have taken to heart. . .


True story. . . More to come, as I explore the horrors inherent in the Tikinomicon. A picture will be available soon.

Very special thanks to creature_tamer, who scripted the letter included in the dreaded book.