February 9th, 2006



So, apparently Jesus was actually Julius Caesar, Esus is Jesus is Caesar, the Jesus myth has nothing to do with the Jews (or even the Middle East) and I'm the insane one.

(Yes, I am fully aware that this entry seems to be an amusing flip-flop from my previous entry. Maybe I meant it that way? I dunno. The implication that I think about anything is perhaps thinking too much on my thinking.)

Over the past three weeks or more, I've been engaged in a discussion (rather, a series of discussions) about how Esus is related to Jesus. It is, on the one hand, entertaining. And honestly, I'm willing to look at it objectively. But I admit that I think it's bunk right now. But I'm hoping that I'm at least looking at each piece carefully before holding up the big "REJECTED" sign.

The central argument comes from Francesco Carotta's new book, Jesus Was Caesar: On the Julian Origin of Christianity: An Investigative Report. I've had some very light dealings back and forth with Carotta himself (who runs a forum on his website), though they haven't been very in depth. He did, though, personally moderate me and reject a posting for suggesting that the theory that Jesus was of European origin, not of Semitic origin, worried me and made me afraid that the theory was potentially anti-Semitic. I feel special.

The book is, at present, too expensive for me to purchase, but I understand that it's being used by at least one history professor as an example of "bad" history, which amuses me a lot. If you ever feel like getting me an expensive gag gift, though, that's the thing to get.

Anyway, the point of the whole thing is that I have taken the time to re-think and re-work some of the information I have on Esus and Tarvos Trigaranus. It's also given me the kick to put up a page responding to some of the arguments I've received (over and over again, I might add) about Jesus being Esus and possibly Caesar. And now I've got the start of a page on the Nautes Pillar up, and I'll have more on that page in the near future.

Yeah, just what I needed: a new project in the middle of my current heavy workload. But this is one that is very valid to me. And it's definitely time that I started looking again at those Esus pages on my website. They hadn't been updated in nearly two years when I looked at them last, and one of the discussions I had showed me that I didn't really agree with everything. So things are expanded, and on their way toward becoming more expanded. It feels good to be back to this line of discussion and thought again. I missed it.