February 14th, 2006


The 800-Mile Booty Call; or, Going to Atlanta to See a Friend

The first song on my Mp3 player is "Wonder Why We Ever Go Home." Invariably, it becomes the first song that I hear in airports, on trips, and when I'm just needing to escape reality a bit. I find it remarkably beautiful and amazingly uplifting.

But it was the first song I heard as I walked to the gate to slip out of Atlanta last night.

tesinth called it my "Eight-Hundred-Mile Booty Call." I got a real kick out of that, as did erienc when I told her that.

I arrived in Atlanta on Friday morning, where I was met by a radiant woman in a fedora I hadn't seen in nearly a year, and who I'd only met twice before.

For that alone, the trip was worth it.

But let me back up and tell you some of the things that happened before I made it there. (I wrote this on the plane home, so I'm piecing it back together as I type it, and trying to maintain the integrity of the original, as well. Sorry if it jumps around a bit.)

Collapse )===

How we did on The Rules:
  1. Not Applicable: No available shower.
  2. Completed, but we didn't actually keep track. We were distracted by other things.
  3. Completed. Definitely, definitely completed. Twice, even.
  4. Undone. I'm not sure how we missed this one.
  5. 1/2 complete, 1/2 not applicable. Kitchen technically "unavailable" for one half.
  6. Completed, but this one will require a modifier for times that such things cannot be had due to weather, season, or location.
  7. Completed. I'm not sure if we could ever avoid completing this one. Just ask around.
  8. Undone, to some extent. Those boots were probably good enough for me.
  9. Not applicable: Ecology does not permit.
  10. Completed by proxy: Indiana Jones quote fulfills req.
  11. Added and completed (with her poor sister watching!)
So 6.5/11 completed. 2.5/11 "not applicable". 2 left undone.

There's more work to be done, as you can see. :)

Edit: erienc's review of the weekend can be found at her journal. Her review is much shorter. . .