February 17th, 2006


What, there's some sporting event going on?

So, I'm flipping through channels last night, and I find myself disappointed to see that there's a lot of . . . ice-skating-type-things going on. Sure, I'd heard that there were Olympics going on, but somehow I didn't actually believe that there was enough interest in these various cold-weather "Xtreme" sports to warrant anything more than a recap at the end of the night.

I'm still astounded that people watch things like curling and the luge. And skiing? I can understand wanting to do it, but watching it? Unless someone falls off a cliff, all you're doing is watching gravity occur. Weird. At least if they're falling to their death, they're flailing helplessly and going *splat* at the end.

Anything on skates, though, bores me to no end. It's like watching people skid across a slippery surface in a controlled way. Again, sort of like watching intertia occur. It's only fun if someone falls, or if the actual "hockey" is kept to a minimum and the fight rages for most of the game. Blood bounces on ice, you know.

So NBC has apparently decided that these Winter Olympics are more important than new episodes of Will and Grace, I suppose. I've never watched a lot of that show, but I do find it more exciting than people slipping on ice and demonstrating that, indeed, gravity still works.

Winter Olympics? Waste of time, I'm afraid.

I wasn't really aware that they were occurring, though. I knew that they were starting, and I even saw some ice-skater take a nasty fall while sitting in a bar in Atlanta eating dessert with erienc, but for all my knowledge of them, I found myself not interested at all in them, and thus totally oblivious to their occurrence. (In what self-respecting bar does figure skating get shown?)

I wonder if they're still on?

Also missed entirely? Valentine's Day. While I knew it was occurring, I was generally unaware of it going on around me, day of. Kinda nice.
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