April 3rd, 2006


Ah, Shamanism: What a fun term!

Last weekend's discussion of shamanism on ADF-Druidry (in which I was amused to find myself called a snob for stating that ADF doesn't call things "mumbo-jumbo") was fun, but today, latexpussy pointed me to a similar discussion that sort of encapsulates how it went.

I think I would like to write an article about the usage of the word "shamanism," but I'm not keen on my opinion being the only one represented (even if I do think I'm completely right, of course), and so would be interested to get someone to write a counter article, and then we can synthesize a third article from that.

It's not like Oak Leaves couldn't use the submissions, ya know? :)

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Alias, anyone?

I have decided to get myself hooked on the TV show Alias.

Anyone got a couple seasons on DVD I can borrow? I watch seasons pretty fast.

Until then, I'll just keep renting them.

I am, at the moment, partway through Season 1.
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