April 7th, 2006


Thinkin' about women

I spent my lunch hour sleeping out on a bench in front of Baker. I was, honestly, truly, totally going to study up on amulets for my presentation at Desert Magic. . . One can never know enough about a subject like amulets.

Instead, though, I spent my hour lying on the bench, snoozing and daydreaming. I daydreamed about lots of things, but none of the things I daydreamed about were related to my amulets workshop, even though my "pillow" was a copy of the Greek Magical Papyri in Translation. (We're praying for osmosis here.)

These daydreams were, I think, entirely related to women: ones I know, ones I'd like to get to know better, and ones I just don't know enough about. Then, of course, there are the women that I cannot stop thinking about. I imagine some of those women might be surprised at how much I think about 'em, what they mean to me, and how they mean it. :)

When I think of my friends, most guys walk into my mind, hang out, and leave. Girls, well, they hang around and make themselves comfortable. I should explain that better some other time.

It doesn't help that I saw someone I wish I'd asked out 8 years ago today. That's probably the central reason for the thought process.

But for now, that particular bit of information is staying under my hat. I'm very busy at work. (Fortunately, true to form, everything after this sentence was written before I came to work today, though some editing has been done in the few minutes of downtime I get.)

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