April 10th, 2006


Focused Intent

Today's lesson is in focused intent.

When I left for lunch, wandering down toward the Union, I realized that, while I had my copy of OL to proof, I didn't have anything to write down corrections. Too far from my office to go back and not near enough to High Street to go buy a pen, I remembered an exercise from Prometheus Rising designed to show you that reality can changed simply by believing that things could occur.

This particular exercise involved believing that you'd find quarters every time you went out on the street. By visualizing, believing, and seeking, you would notice a higher number of coins than usual, and I believe that RAW left it up to us to decide whether there actually were more coins or whether you were just noticing more of the ones that were already there.

I took this particular exercise and modified it a bit, seeking to find a writing instrument before I made it to the Union. I visualized my empty pocket having a generic writing utensil in it, and visualized writing with one.

I wasn't too picky about what kind of writing utensil I'd find: a pen, pencil, or crayon would be fine: just something I could underline and circle stuff with.

About midway across the Oval, I found my writing utensil, but I also found out just how dumb it was not to focus your intent properly.

There, lying in the grass, was a big, fat, pink piece of sidewalk chalk.

Not very useful for proofreading and marking up paper.

I gave the chalk a kick and re-evaluated my intent. Now, I wanted a pen. And I had half as much time as I did to find the chalk, because I was over halfway to the Union. So I continued to visualize and think and look.

I crossed College Ave., and as I rounded the last corner to the Union, I noticed something in the dirt: a black and grey pen with little UPS symbols in red. I picked it up, dusted it off, and scribbled in a corner of my OL copy.

And it wrote. In solid, bold ink.

I thought about my intentions, and the focus I had on them, and realized that sometimes, you need to enchant for exactly what you want, not a ballpark idea. Sometimes, no matter how little you care about exactly what you get, you realise once you have it that what you got doesn't do what you want.

So if you want it, be clear, or you simply won't get it.