May 2nd, 2006


Get out and vote!

Anyone know a good spell for cleansing?

I had to declare a political party when I went in to vote. I'd like to banish the bad mojo that I can feel hanging around me.

I feel all. . . dirty now.


Please provide any banishing spells in the comments. . . Tongues that rest firmly in a cheek are more than welcome :)

Remember, people with "I Voted" stickers are officially sexy, in my book.

"Ode to a Burning Mouse"

Today, around 9 AM, our usual cleaning lady came into our office. She was vacuuming (a shock, truly) and was getting under the front desk. She didn't bother to move the computers, though, and I watched in horror as her vacuum ate the cords connected to the back of the machine.

In the end, most were fine, but the mouse, I'm sorry to say, is a tad worse for wear.

I wrote this ode, for it should be noted that no one has ever told me I was too young to write odes:

"Ode to a Burning Mouse"

Behold, in the deep gray morn
A vacuum, wielded with scorn.
Lo, the mouse he doth bend
And never shall be on the mend.

With burning rubber the mouse did expire
Smelling quite like a burning tire.
Repugnantly cleaned, this room has been
And harmonious dust mites still live within.

I'm off to Desert Magic tomorrow morning, bright an early, and very much looking forward to it. I'd also like to point out that despite what I'm about to write, I'm not feelin' down. Just more or less confused.

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My omen for the day, though, indicates things are lookin' up:

19. Yes, I will play for gumbo.

I'm incommunicado at the end of the day, kids. I'll see you on next Wednesday, when I'm back from Arizona :)
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