June 19th, 2006



Tina has informed me that she's looking for closure on our relationship.

She's asked me to write about it, for her, to give her an idea of what I was thinking, what I am thinking, and how I feel about it all.

I'm not sure how to do that. It's been over a year.

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What worries me most is that she has been feeling that I'm not as good and close a friend as I really, really want to be to her.

Two things:

  1. I admit, the previous post wasn't really designed to gather comments. It just seems to have. I'd have left it with comments turned off, but those kinds of posts generally get people sending verbose ideas via email or IM (which I don't have the time to read right now). No, I'm not offended or anything by any postings (I'm actually glad and happy that people care). I just wasn't really posting it for feedback, but rather so I could work it out on my own, so I could think it through. It's a journal, yo? *grins*
  2. I do want comments on this post, though: I haven't had time to read LJ in the past two weeks. Between Walking With Fire and putting out fires via email as well as work, I'm seriously strapped for time. Please, let me know if there's anything you'd like a comment on. Things like:
    • DP work
    • creative posts
    • problems you might have
    • weirdly cool awesome things
    • really, anything I might find intersting
    Please, post 'em here with a link to let me know so I can go read it. I will get around to it all, but this will ensure I don't miss something of vital importance.