July 17th, 2006


Rituals run, rituals written up.

I suppose that I could have been happier with the Belenus Rite we did last weekend. I have thought about the issues involved, and it seems to be yet another case of me being the leader of the damn things, and thus remembering all my trip-ups and mix-ups.

At least I didn't try and leave the Gates open again :)

But, if nothing else, the omens we got were amazing. Jera, Gebo, and Oðila. I really ought to write down what the hell I interpreted them as before I forget them.

It all got me to thinking, though, that I really need to re-work the way the Grove records rituals. I've been working on making things run more smoothly recently, but the lack of feedback I get is sometimes. . . astounding to me. I don't discuss it much, personally, because I'm not trying to force people to give me feedback (and here I'm just sort of talking to talk. . . And I'm off the point). Fact of the matter is, I'd like something easy and formulaic that we can have on the site to show a sort of write-up, maybe Collapse )

I have also just been informed by bangkokrobot that I am in dire need of a toothbrush, some balloons, soap, and books. He says that I am pictured in several magazines near a Yaris car, at the Rhode Island School of Design by a weird sculpture, standing with a bunch of black men, and apparently also near a hottie (or several).

I love my nephew.