July 24th, 2006


Bibliographies, the occasional movie, and friends. . . A good weekend

Well, at six pages, I have part of my GSP Bibliography done.

Had I realized I had more than six pages to put in that bibliography, I wouldn't have put it off quite so long.

Actually, I might have waited longer.

I still have two shelves of books that I referred to for my ADF Generalist Study Program work to go through. Not all of it makes an appearance as a citation, but if I have to show everything I've worked with, well, that's nearly every book I own on Celtic/magical stuff, plus anything in a generally IE category, plus a few lecture notes and websites I frequent.

For reference, here's what my desk looked like when I was writing up the GSP work:

It still kinda looks like that.

If you browse through my list o' titles on that bibliography, you'll find a few strange titles, like "Archeoastronomy in the Americas" and such. No, they're not there to fluff the bibliography. I actually used them in a paper I wrote for the GSP. Doesn't say that your reserach has to be done on an IE topic, you know.

I'm spending the night in with Tina tonight, who rented A History of Violence and asked if I wanted to see it, too. I did (I've had a few conversations with perlgirlju, with whom I still need to have a good evening of bad vampire movies with in the near future), so we'll be watching that tonight, and I'll be trying to finish this bibliography.

Then. . . Oh, my friends, then I get to chop it up into sections so that each resource matches a course or the "general" category.

It was a busy weekend, but I got to spend some time with tesinth and Maggie at the movies (we saw Clerks 2), go to the zoo with singingwren, and even got something from druidkirk delivered to me. In all, it was a very good weekend.