July 31st, 2006


GSP, Clergy req's, and gettin' the crap done!

Last night, at the Three Cranes Grove Lughnassadh ritual, I made a small oath. A tiny oath. A little itty-bitty bit of an oath.

Basically, to get the bibliographies and any re-writes for my GSP and clergy courses submitted by the end of the week.

Well, Here it is, 20 hours later, and the bibliographies are done, categorized, and sent off. The full bibliography includes everything I used on my way here. The categorized bibliography only includes things specifically cited in the GSP work.

I have three requested re-writes to turn in:
  1. Bardic, req. 4
  2. IE Myth, req. 5
  3. IE Myth, req. 8a

These are very short requirements. I misread Bardic 4, I didn't expand enough on IE 5, and IE 8a, well, I dunno what the hell I was thinking, but it's only half complete.

Once those are done, it'll be one final course: Law and the Church, which was approved something like three weeks ago, and which I have mostly finished.

So, kids: that's my agenda.

I have until Sunday to re-write three essays (the longest of which is 300 words) and finish a single course.

See you all when that's done.