August 11th, 2006


Takin' another road

I'm off to Chicago around noon today. I have just over two hours to finish my work that's on my desk.

Back on Sunday.

I've had all but two classes approved for the GSP, and I'm still pending approval on my Law and the Church course for Clergy status.

The wait is killing me.

Courses left are these:
Law and the Church (CTP, second circle)
History of Neopaganism and Druidism (GSP: I call this course "HoNaD")
Nature Awareness (GSP)
Raven said he'd let me know about the GSP courses last night, so now I'm worried. Ian has to approve the CTP course, but not hearing back from him is. . . totally nothing to worry about.

My Buffett Oracle for the day is good, though:
28. Nothing really matters, after all it's Christmas day.
Yeah, I like that.

And I'm listening to "Take Another Road", one of my favourite JB songs. Tully Mars: my hero.