August 12th, 2006


A lead on a last name

Sitting here in Chicago, I get this email from my bro, red_sput, regarding our last name:

Following is an excerpt from :


n. 1. One who dangles about or after others, especially after women; a trifler.
No, it can't be that. No way. No one here would ever think that this is the derivation of my name, right?

There's been a lot of speculation regarding what our last name actually means. I think my bro may have just hit the nail on the head, at least with me *grins*

The more I think about it, the more my name is the perfect, most descriptive name ever. I have what is quite possibly one of the top five most powerful names for a ceremonial magician to take when working with angels, demons, and assorted other spirits (Michael, "he who is like god" and leader of the Host), and now my last name appears to mean something that many people might perceive as a primary descriptor of my actions on this realm.

For such a run of the mill name, I have a freakin' good one.

And there's no excuse for me to ever choose a "magical name", thank you very much. . .
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And GSP work

Yes, re-writes were requested. Submitted them last night, but I can't post them to my website until I get back to Columbus, though.

I expect my re-writes will pass muster, unless Raven gets really sticky about sources, because while I know where the sources I cited are at in the books and what books they're in, I don't have the books here to write out a proper citation, so I just used some inline citations and provided the names and authors of the books. Fortunately, most of my citations are on the bibliography I already submitted. The two that were missing were "The Western Way of War: Infantry Battle in Classical Greece" by Victor Davis Hanson (highly recommended by me for those interested in Greek culture or military history) and "Madame Blavatsky's Baboon" by Washington (a good laugh, I assure you).

I had to re-write HoNaD (History of Neopaganism and Druidism) req. 3, and Nature Awareness req. 1 and req. 8c. Did them both last night, and am currently pending Raven's approval of the courses. I hope to get that approval today.

I really like the acronym "HoNaD" and encourage all GSP submissions to use it as well.
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