August 30th, 2006


Something of substance. . . tomorrow, I think.

In the month of August, 4.25% of the seach strings that hit my site were "Cthulhu Chant" which works out to be the top search string.

Also this month, "Eagle Scout invocation", "Buffett Oracle", and "How to kill a cockroach" were in the top 20.

The string "passed out" has dropped to number 5.

In the past, "dude" has scored 13th on my list of search strings (July '06), as has "handsome boys" (also July '06). "Freaky porno" made the list as number 3 in June of 2006, and that month "handcuffed" was number 8, while "water wheel" was number 16.

In May, "Peace dude" was #8, "Passed out on couch" was number 12, and "pretty eyes" was number 17.

The most popular pages on my site this month for people to start with are the Buffett Oracle and the Cthulhu Rite. Interestingly, people are more likely to stay if they visit the Cthulhu Rite than they are to leave. By about .04%.

The most popular picture on my website is of uberrod and myself shootin' archery. The only picture that beats it is the one at the top of every page.

About 13% of people who visit, in the last month, have added me to their favourites or bookmarks, and about 33% of people who visit my page don't use Internet Explorer, though 10,000 more pageviews were done with a Netscape-compatable browser. I account for a total of 1.2% of hits on my webpage (not bad, considering it's my homepage).

I love the stats on my webpage.