September 20th, 2006


Eris keeps everyone on their toes. Or sneaking out on their toes. . .

So there's this great picture of me, holding up a hotdog bun and preparing my offering to Eris during my Consecration at the Summerland Unity Rite.

And right behind me, romandruid is sitting there, averting her eyes in a "damnit, there he goes again" sort of look.

Love ya, romandruid. Don't ever change. . . I'm not gonna. . .

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The Hittite World Tree

(KUB 43.62 ii 1-11, iii 2'-12'):
"The snake holds its base, while the bee holds it in the middle.

Above on its branches the eagle has perched, while below the snake has encircled its base, and in the middle the bee has turned around it.

Gulzanzipa [the fate goddess] pulls the [...] of the Storm-God. And behind him and her they dig up clay."
Look familiar to anyone else?

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