September 28th, 2006


Getting back to it? Maybe a bit

scotthuntington, I've noticed that I can't comment on your entries unless they already have a comment on them. For some reason, no "comment" link ever shows up. Wanted to say that the altar looks good and I like your description, and the Samhain rite looks just fine to me. Oh, and it's about time I went back to a script instead of pure inspiration: I could really use the refresher.

I've noticed this happens with a number of people (lookin' at you, _crow365__: I'd like to see you compare the Virtues to more dictionary definitions, but they're good essays; you need to discuss "future plans" for your home shrine; and your book review is good on Mallory, and you'll find it indespensible for the GSP). If I haven't commented, your layout might just be the culprit.

I'm finally getting to the last month's worth of entries here and there, so I may just be commenting on lots of crap from some time ago. . .
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