October 17th, 2006


Going bump in the morning. . .

I hit my head in the kitchen this morning.

I'm not all here today. I feel kinda weird and not myself.

It was kinda funny. I grabbed the bread from the top of the fridge, and, while attempting to make a sandwich and balance in a crazy way, one foot around the stove, the other foot on tip-toe around Tina's sleeping bag, I turned and smacked against an open cabinet door, right over the front of my head.

I remember saying to Tina, "I'm going to go sit down." And I did just that.

So things are a bit more foggy this morning than usual.

Kwazzy, things are.


I have come to the conclusion, after careful consideration, that Oreos should sell a "TransFatty" version of their cookies.

To quote Jimmy: "I'm livin' like a health nut but I still grow old." What's the use in eating if you're not having fun?

Fins up!

My favourite part of Mitty's wedding was explaining the story behind the song "Fins" to Jen, who was a bit confused (and amused) by everyone in the room putting their hands over their heads and leaning left and right when the song came on at the reception.

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I missed telling the story behind some of those songs. I should really do it more often.

I'm currently working on a post for my website about this paradigm shift that features Jen pretty prominently. I like her. I should ask Mitty for some contact info for her sometime.

Try as you might to avoid the hoodoo, sooner or later we're all in the stew. . .

I think I need to get someone to make me some callaloo. Any takers?

We got Crab and pigtail
Squid ink and fish scale
Okra and daheen leaves
Chitchat and chatter
Fill up the platter
With a garnish of pure make believe